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A Comprehensive Review: SG Standard Tribute Review

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Build Quality


Both the Les Paul Studio and SG Standard Tribute are well-constructed, showcasing Gibson’s commitment to quality. The Les Paul Studio features a chambered mahogany body with a maple top, providing a lighter feel while maintaining resonance. The SG Standard Tribute, with its solid mahogany body and set maple neck, offers excellent durability, build quality and a classic design. The satin finishes on both models give them a sleek, understated look. The price point of the Gibson range probably puts it out of the bracket for beginner guitarists, but if you can afford one, it’s certainly a great option.


One minor downside is the occasional quality control issues, such as rough fret edges or minor finish imperfections. These are not common but can occur and might require some setup adjustments.

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The sound of both models is where they truly excel. The Les Paul Studio Tribute is equipped with 490R and 490T humbuckers, delivering a versatile tone that ranges from warm and woody to bright and snappy. The SG Standard Tribute, with the same pickups, offers a slightly more aggressive sound, making it suitable for a wide range of genres from rock to jazz. The Ultra-Modern Weight Relief in the Les Paul enhances its sustain and clarity, while the solid construction of the SG provides a tight, punchy sound.


While the pickups are versatile, they might lack the high-end sophistication of more expensive Gibson models. For players seeking a more nuanced tone, upgrading the pickups could be a consideration.



Both models offer excellent playability. The Gibson Les Paul Studio has a 12″ radius rosewood fingerboard and a modern neck profile, making it comfortable for both rhythm and lead playing. The SG Standard Tribute’s slim-taper neck and lightweight body make it easy to play for extended periods. The setup out of the box is generally good, with a low action and smooth neck finish.


Some players might find the neck profiles too modern if they prefer a more vintage feel. Additionally, the lack of a pickguard on the SG might not appeal to traditionalists, although it can be added if desired.

Overall Value


Both the Les Paul Studio and SG Standard Tribute offer excellent value for money. They provide a high-quality playing experience with the classic Gibson sound at a more affordable price point. The inclusion of a soft case with each model adds to their value, ensuring they are protected during transport.


While they offer great value, these models are more stripped-down versions of their more expensive counterparts. Advanced players might seek additional features and higher-end components that are not present in these Tribute models.

Conclusion – SG Standard Tribute Review

The Gibson 2019 Les Paul Studio and SG Standard Tribute are excellent choices for players seeking classic Gibson tones and playability at a more accessible price. Their solid build quality, versatile sound, and comfortable playability make them suitable for a wide range of musical styles and playing levels. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as occasional quality control issues and the need for potential upgrades, these models deliver impressive performance and value.

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