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A Comprehensive Review: Epiphone Les Paul Special II Review

what electric guitar is best for beginners - Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Build Quality


The Epiphone Les Paul Special-II stands out with its striking aesthetics and solid construction that closely resemble the Gibson Les Paul. The butterscotch, flame maple top combined with cherry red on the back and neck creates a visually appealing contrast. The white binding around the body adds a premium feel, while the rosewood fretboard with jumbo frets ensures durability and a substantial feel.


While the bolt-on neck construction is sturdy, it may not appeal to purists who prefer set necks for their perceived tonal benefits. Additionally, the reliance on a battery for the built-in tuner in the pickup could be seen as a drawback, especially if the battery dies unexpectedly during a performance.

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Equipped with ceramic pickups and modern Epiphone humbuckers, this guitar produces versatile tones suitable for various genres. The three-way selector switch allows easy toggling between treble, rhythm, and combined tones. The pickups handle distortion well and clean up nicely, making the guitar adaptable from jazz to hard rock. It excels in delivering classic rock and blues sounds reminiscent of Slash’s style.


Despite the versatile sound, the ceramic pickups might not offer the warmth and richness that some players seek in higher-end models. While they perform admirably, upgrading to more premium pickups could enhance the tonal quality for those with discerning ears.



The Epiphone Les Paul Special-II offers excellent playability, albeit not a lightweight guitar. The neck’s satin finish facilitates smooth hand movement, and the jumbo frets contribute to easy bending and sustain. The built-in tuner is a practical feature, adding convenience for quick tuning adjustments. The guitar’s setup is generally good out of the box, with a comfortable action that suits most playing styles.


Some players might find the jumbo frets a bit too substantial, especially if they are accustomed to smaller frets. Additionally, the built-in tuner, while convenient, may not appeal to those who prefer traditional tuning methods.

Overall Value


This guitar provides great value, particularly for fans of Slash and those seeking a reliable, stylish instrument. The combination of its aesthetic appeal, solid build quality, and versatile sound makes it a fantastic choice for beginners and intermediate players. The inclusion of the Fret Zealot LED system and the performance pack options further enhance its value, offering a comprehensive package for learners.


While it offers excellent value, advanced players might outgrow this model, seeking more premium features and components. The reliance on a built-in tuner with a battery and the bolt-on neck construction might not meet the preferences of all guitarists.


The Epiphone Les Paul Special-II is a well-rounded guitar that blends visual appeal, solid construction, and versatile sound. It offers a great entry point for beginners and fans of Slash, with features that make it a joy to play. While there are minor drawbacks, such as the bolt-on neck and built-in tuner reliance, these do not significantly detract from the overall quality and value of the guitar. Whether you’re channelling classic rock vibes or exploring various genres, this guitar delivers a fun and responsive playing experience.

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